Physical Therapist Owned & Operated

The History of Therapeutic Resources


Therapeutic Resources is a physical therapist owned and operated travel therapy agency founded in 2000 by Jann Borgers, PT and Mark Borgers, Corporate Accountant. With the goal of providing qualified placements and job opportunities to the rehab community, Therapeutic Resources offers permanent and travel therapy professionals to clinics throughout the U.S.

In 2000, Jann, a Physical Therapy graduate of California State University Long Beach and a
Environmental Engineering graduate of Purdue University, began working as a contract physical therapist. She quickly realized the need for a clinician owned, service oriented travel therapy agency.

"The agency I was working for didn't have a clue what my job entailed, or the clinical issues of the job"

During their first year in business, Jann was the primary employee of the business, working in all job settings and numerous rehab clinics. This experience gave her the knowledge and appreciation of the skills necessary to be a traveling therapist. These skills carry over today when working with candidates and training office staff. Today, Jann continues to play an active role in the business and strives to develop professional trust with each employee and client of Therapeutic Resources.

As an accountant with over 20 years of experience, Mark Borgers is Therapeutic Resources Chief Financial Officer. Mark attended Portland State University, has a finance degree from the University of Washington, and has spent numerous years working as a corporate accountant in California and Oregon.

Together, their goal is to give personal, competent, and reliable service to every employee and client of Therapeutic Resources.

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